Petition: to ensure that local people are given priority for all farm jobs

British Farms state they are facing a crisis, with a potential shortage of tens of thousands workers which could see food being wasted in the fields. The Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs has launched a campaign, working with established industry recruiters to list jobs on the DWP website.

At the same time, due to COVID19, international workers are unavailable. However, tens of thousands of British workers have lost their jobs or been furloughed. These local people are standing up in their thousands, putting themselves forward to create a Land Army with the will to Feed The Nation – making sure they can continue to look after their own families in doing so.

The larger farming industry is still bringing in workers from overseas, stating inaccurately that not enough British workers have responded to the call.

This is not correct. For example, almost 2,000 workers put themselves on the Home Grown map in the first week of the Land Army initiative alone and smaller farms continue to stress their desire to support their communities economically by recruiting locally.

We have launched a petition to DEFRA and the Minister George Eustice MP calling to ensure that local people are given priority for all farm jobs and support local farms.

We invite the Minister and DEFRA to join us in creating a better, more sustainable future or to explain to thousands of farmers and millions of people why their local communities, their desire to help one another, and their needs for stability and security count for less than the interests of establishment bodies and large industry companies.

The Minister and DEFRA must ensure that local people are given first refusal for all farm and agricultural work, and must support farms giving priority to local workers by supplying extra training, alleviating administrative burdens, and considering financial incentives for both the farms and the workers which are scalable by simple proximity.

We are stronger together.

Home Grown
Author: Home Grown

Home Grown is a campaign to reconnect our farms with their communities. Together we will make sure our food and our environment are a part of everyone’s future.