Change is Growth

Setting up and running Home Grown as a public-spirited sideline has been a wonderful experience.

We’ve shown that people do care about farming, that they do want change, and that a sustainable future of local produce still means something.

It’s absolutely worth fighting for.

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In a short space of time we’ve done some really innovative work, from mapping out the Land Army well in advance of the government-led effort of Pick For Britain, to getting people talking about milk being wasted.

In fact, as well as creating sustained national media coverage, we managed to raise £600 via the #MilkMillion project, which has been split equally between the Trussell Trust and Fare Share and sent to them by PayPal. We all did that by working together as a community.

But we have to deal with the running of the business which made Home Grown possible in the first place, so change is afoot. And we want you to be involved.

With the endgame of Brexit now on a set course and food labelling a key issue in trade talks with the USA, we want to be able to leave an infrastructure in place which helps connect people with their local produce AND which helps farms and consumers alike identify suppliers based right here in the UK.

We Are Looking For Safe Hands

Over the next few days, the Home Grown website will be refocused on one map, where local farms and producers can list their businesses at no cost and where consumers can freely access local food which is homegrown.

The Home Grown infrastructure has already been paid for and we want to hand it over to someone with a passion for taking it forwards, because we need to focus on our core business – which is driving positive change through innovative projects.

There’s no catch, it’s there until at least next year and we want someone to drive it forwards. We’ll be on hand throughout too, on a voluntary basis.

We are open to expressions of interest from anyone who has a passion for local produce, for building communities, and who cares about Britain’s relationship with food.

The successful applicant will be granted this domain and the tech which powers the map, the Home Grown email address, and our Facebook and Twitter accounts which are around the 1,000 follower mark.

What we want to see is a brief and well thought out not for profit plan to continue Home Grown’s work as a bridge between agriculture and the public, focused on building community to secure a sustainable food future.

We’ve never believed you have to have Bruce Wayne’s bank account to achieve good things, and we like to think we’ve shown that’s true.

Send your proposal to, we can’t wait to hear from you.

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Home Grown is a campaign to reconnect our farms with their communities. Together we will make sure our food and our environment are a part of everyone’s future.