What are we trying to achieve?

The world is changing rapidly around us, from trade to the climate itself, and our food and our environment is not as safe as it once was. Over time, communities have become detached from one another and we have become more distant from not just each other but the countryside around us and the food on our plates. With complex politics in the mix, and a new world of digital campaigns which drive real world consequences, society and the farms which are part of it are at risk.

It is time for all of our communities to reconnect and grow together.

We want to bring us all closer, helping farmers learn how to communicate more effectively about the work they do and the challenges they face, and helping the public see beyond politics by showing everyone where our food comes from, how change may affect their lives, and why our environment deserves their protection.

We want to inspire a better future in which we are all closer to the nature we rely upon.

What makes our project great?

Home Grown is our path to this brighter future.

We are creating a community which exists both online and offline, from Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube, to podcasts and our centrepiece: homegrown.earth, an online hub of information, data, training, delivered within our own social media-styled forum.

We are also creating an identity. A symbol which connects our food, our climate, and our home and a set of values which guides and drives us. When we talk about agriculture, crops, the weather, planting trees, or a change in policy, we will make sure everyone knows they can trust not just our words but our intentions.

In the future this identity, our seal of approval, might even allow producers to proudly show people where their goods come from and help consumers to easily recognise a sustainable and responsible supplier.

We are ploughing a rough field and growing a new way of talking about and engaging with agriculture from seed.

Home Grown
Author: Home Grown

Home Grown is a campaign to reconnect our farms with their communities. Together we will make sure our food and our environment are a part of everyone’s future.